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Question 3
by Rhyon Caldwell - Wednesday, 25 August 2010, 10:02 AM
What role do “social” elements play in learning and how can we design learning environments that promote desired kinds of interactions?
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Re: Question 3
by Rhyon Caldwell - Sunday, 12 September 2010, 10:21 AM
Social roles can play a key part in the learning environment if the facilitation is organized and structured to allow for ease, accessibility and enjoyment. Systems should be designed that will allow the community to participate with a variety of tools. Not for the sack of just adding "stuff', but specific tools will resinate with some members and not others. A close monitoring of these systems will help the designer determine the tools that are being subscribe to by the community. Each group has different needs and abilities to use these tools. So close attention has to be paid on the members ability. These may include group forums, to discuss questions or ideas. Allowing the community to think and post their thought at their own time. Tools that would help this process maybe:
  • Chat systems - Providing the users the ability to pair up and discuss topics on a one to one basis.
  • Wiki's - Allowing the group to build on concepts posted to the community.
  • Live online meeting - would help facilitate dynamic class interaction.
  • File Repository - Library of materials to support the group.
  • Forums - Posted thought with threads.
  • Social Networking - Access to online social network tools.
  • Blogs - Create an on going dialogue relative to the subject.
  • News Feeds - RSS feed to specific domain relative topic materials.
  • Event Calender - Display up and coming schedule activities.
  • Related links - Hyperlinks to to domain specific content.
  • Mobile access - Connecting to mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad...
  • Streaming Video’s - Supportive video’s that pertain to the Domain.
  • Message/Ad board - Post messages and ad’s by the members.
  • Survey - For collecting polled data to see group consensus.
In my experience, CoP's are more subscribe to if there is a variety of interactive social components that make it engaging for the learner. I believe that the success of a site design is not based on it's features and tool, but in what it gives it's member.

We all want something for our time. What does the system give it's users.

Just a though!